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babel ([personal profile] babel) wrote2009-10-25 11:46 am
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La la, fixation.

Okay, I'm not even cross-posting this to LJ because I don't want my entire friends list to hate me. I do not have a scanner but the pictures in Groovy Bob are so awesome I had to share some. So, I tried to make them look as nice as possible despite having taken these with my digital camera.

There are more that I might take later, but it's cloudy out, so I can't get enough light to take more right now.

Two lolarious school photos:

With Ellsworth Kelly in his studio, New York 1960:

In the Duke Street gallery:

In his gallery:

With Keith Richards in Moracco (photo by Michael Cooper):

Two frames of Implosion, a silent movie starring Robert:

With Bill Willis and an awful, awful beard:

With some band looking shockingly frizzy:

With Terry Southern in California (psst, Robert, your book is upside down):

With Spanish Tony (proof he wore a t-shirt at least once!):

Found this one on the internet by accident. With Anita and looking odd and very skinny (I'm not even 100% convinced it's him, but the internet tells me it is):

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