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babel ([personal profile] babel) wrote2010-01-18 12:54 pm

mm feverish posting

So, I came down with a cold yesterday... though it started the day before apparently. I just thought I was overheated, but it was an actual fever. If anyone was wondering where I was on AIM last night, I'm just not social when I'm sick and drugged up.

And classes start tomorrow. Sob.

In other news, I did sleep last night with the aid of Nyquil, and I had an incredibly graphic dream about... drinking gin and tonic. And it was like. The best thing I had ever tasted, and I could not stop. Maybe I should step away from the Graham Chapman obsession while I'm still ahead.

Alas, that won't happen. Anyway, it's not rare for me to have a dream about drinking alcohol (I don't drink irl) and getting very attached to it right away. Just it's usually not a gin and tonic.

If I gave up Graham, I'd have to stop using this icon, and that is not feasible at the moment.

*wanders off to pass out again*