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Some Graham and David pictures.

It's a sunny day, one of the first we've had in Austin for a while, so of course I decided to take advantage of that.

By going outside and taking clearer pictures of the pictures in my Graham books. Don't judge me. (I need a scanner sob.)

Anyway, I'm going to share them. Because I'm kind of in love with Graham's partner David Sherlock to the extent that whenever I see the name "Sherlock" there is a heady moment where I think someone's talking about David... Yeah. So.

ONE OF THESE IS VERY MUCH NOT WORKSAFE. I'll leave it up to you to determine which one.

The following two are David, then Graham, as they looked when they first met in Ibiza. I think they probably made a pretty devastating couple:

This is David a bit older in the late 70s cuddling one of their beagles:

This is a drawing by Johnathan Hills of David that I think is quite nice. Alas, the photo doesn't do it justice:

This... is Graham in a nutshell. No pun intended:

Yes, well. That's that then.