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Hot Celebrity Meme

I have an overwhelming amount of work to do this weekend, so I did a time-consuming meme.

That logic works in my head.

Hot Celebrity Meme
1. Make a list of your fav 10 male & 10 female celebrities
2. Post one picture of each hottie and explain why you love them
3. Tag 5 people to do the same Other people do it if they want.

I'm going to admit, I hardly have any men in my list who are currently at the peak of their careers. I don't really like the aesthetic of most celebrity men these days, what can I say...


Christina Hendricks
I think she's the hottest actress out there right now, and she's talented on top of that. I first saw her in Firefly, and I've since seen her in an episode of Without a Trace and in several of Mad Men. The three characters she played were very different, and all of them were honest and believable.

Karen O
Cool, crazy, charismatic rock star. What's not to like? I seldom go to concerts, but I'd love to see her perform live, because her live performances I've seen on TV are amazing.

Ani Difranco
I've actually already seen Ani live! Her songs cover just about every aspect of life for me. She's a tough, independent woman with a great sense of humor and a way with words... and I think she has a gorgeous smile.

Olivia Arias
Yeah, okay. Maybe she's not a celebrity just because she married George Harrison. But I find her to be such an impressive, composed, quietly fascinating lady that I couldn't help but include her.

Patti Smith
One of the most innovative musicians in the last century. I don't understand why she doesn't seem to be more appreciated these days... Anyway, intelligent girls who could kick your ass are the best.

Indira Varma
She has played two characters who I would never have liked if someone else had played them--Niobe in Rome and Suzie in Torchwood. There is something about her... I need to see more of her work.

Mathangi Arulpragasam (M.I.A.)
I don't know how someone can be so cool and so vivacious at the same time, but she manages it.

Katharine Hepburn
I'll fight anyone who doesn't like her. That is all.

Lauryn Hill
She kind of had a reputation for being a bit crazy, but I always liked her. Her talent was what first made me give the hip hop genre a chance, and I'm very thankful for that. Also I think that in the 90s she was one of the most beautiful person I've ever seen.

Cate Blanchett
Whether she's playing a sympathetic character or a totally detestible one, I cannot look away from this woman when she is on screen. She's gorgeous and has some irresistable gravitas


George Harrison
I have a fundamental inability to understand people who do not like this man. Anyway. His music has saved me out of so many downward spirals that I have unending affection for him. Those other Beatles are great too, but I don't feel a resonance with them the way I do with him.

André Benjamin
I have the biggest crush on him, you do not even know. I think he's the coolest person on the planet, and he seems like he'd be a blast to just hang out with. Also his style is perfect. I dream of being thin and rich enough to dress like him one day.

Al Stewart
I love Al. I went all the way to California to go to two of his concerts (and to visit some loser I'm friends with). He was/is probably not conventionally hot or something, but I like the way he looked and the way he looks now. And his voice makes me happy enough it wouldn't matter if he were ugly anyway!

Graham Chapman
HAY DID YOU GUYS KNOW I LIKE GRAHAM CHAPMAN??? So, I used this picture of him wearing a neon windbreaker and a bit more thin on top instead of his younger, blond fauxRoman days for a reason. He is so sweet and clear-headed in this interview, and I just feel like I'm seeing a lot more of Graham shining through when he's like that than when he was a puffy-eyed drunk. Seriously, it makes me want to cry if I look at it too long.

Robert Fraser
Since he's been described as the first British celebrity to die of AIDS, I guess I can call him a celebrity even though hardly anyone knows who he was. My affection for him is completely unreasonable and illogical. I read stories about him being totally insane and treating people pretty badly throughout his biography. BUT. Um. Yeah. There is something about him I find terribly compelling, and I'm okay with the possibility that no one I know quite gets that.

Donovan Leich
I like his music a lot, but what really puts him on this list and makes him attractive to me is that he's quite "in touch with his feminine side" as they say, and completely not concerned or self-conscious about that. After reading many a 60s-70s biography with men puffing themselves up lest anyone think they might be a little ~girly~, Donovan is such a breath of fresh air.

Duncan Browne
Another "celebrity" that no one knows, hah! I don't know much about his personal life, but his music speaks to me in a way I can't explain. Seriously, I have tried many times, and I always fail.

James Stewart
MOST OF YOU KNOW THIS ONE AT LEAST! Yeah, I have been kind of in love with this guy my whole life. But I didn't realize until I was putting this meme together just how similar he and Graham are physically.

George Clooney
Pretty much the only current actor who I will drop every damn thing for to go see one of his movies. Even if it doesn't look like I'll enjoy it, I will go see it for Clooney. And he's generally trustworthy enough that I will enjoy the movie even if I didn't think I would.

Tony Curtis
The number of movies that were completely antithetical to what I enjoy but that I have watched anyway for this man... Seriously, I don't know what it is about him. I will sit through the absolute dumbest movies for him.

Honorable Mentions

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