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babel ([personal profile] babel) wrote2010-02-26 10:55 am

How DARE he make figure skating seem gay!

So. I'm totally in love with Johnny Weir despite not caring much about his sport. I only saw him a few years back because my dad loves figure skating, and I just fell in love with the guy. And I have therefore been dealing with a lot of homophobia focused on him (his sexuality is private, but the bigotry directed at him is homophobic in nature) in the past couple weeks.

This video made me feel a lot better. That's Gay is generally a great segment on InfoMania but this was one of my favorites:

Okay, so even that doesn't make me feel better about David Letterman saying that Johnny "TESTED POSITIVE for Lady Gaga" but...

(Is it really that hard to consider your connotations before saying something on television? Really?)

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