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babel ([personal profile] babel) wrote2010-12-29 11:11 pm
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Various stuff.

I'm going to try to start using my Dreamwidth again so I can stay in contact with people who only crosspost to LJ. Derp derp.

I'm currently in Bainbridge, WA. Was in Seattle last night. Going back to Portland tomorrow for the next few days before I head home. It's been a nice trip. I got my hairs short, as I mentioned before. Rode a ferry for the first time. Wandered around downtown shopping and watching movies (Black Swan again, Tron, and The King's Speech).

On the various trains and ferries I've been on in the past couple days, I wrote 2.8k on that B7 fic. I'm starting to get fairly excited about it, although I worry it'll be a monster once I finish it.

I blew my friend's mind today by showing her a picture of Frazer Hines and Sally Knyvette on Emmerdale. Lol.