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I am pretty much worthless at everything, I have decided.

In other news, I'm becoming slightly fixated on Robert Fraser. *Listens to crickets chirp on LJ as 99.9% of f-list does not have any clue who that is.*
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I just need to preserve this posterity. Yesterday, someone at a community I moderate posted a bunch of icons she didn't make and hotlinking them from the site of the person who did make them. I found this a little questionable, so I brought it up with her.

Since the post itself is now deleted, I have taken screencaps from my gmail:

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Then, she decided I had been so unfair that she needed to track down a post of mine on an entirely different community to post this, then immediately delete it. (My original comment is to someone who gave me nice feedback on one of my fics.)

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Sry2say, bb, but I'm friends with the moderator of that community, and I'm going to get you banned there too. :)

Also, this silly thing: )
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George Harrison is better than therapy. It is true. I love your crazy vowels, bb.

I just wrote an essay for a test about a book I have not read. It reminds me of High School! Though it'll only be really, really like HS if I make an A+.

While reading Donovan's autobiography, every time he talked about being angry or attempting to fight giant police officer (seriously), this is exactly what I pictured:

I'm very sorry, Donovan.
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1. Reading the Inferno part of The Divine Comedy for the first time. Have decided that it is the weirdest self-insert Gary Stu historical RPF I have ever read. Also it put me in the mood for Marilyn Manson.

2. There was a big to do about warnings at JHP that kind of made me insane. There is a whole lot of fail in that, including some possibly triggery dismissals of survivors of sexual violence. You may recognize ciana from a wank she recently had with me.

3. Straight, cis-gendered people are bawing about not being eligible for the Lambda awards anymore. Link roundups are here and here. My general feelings is that people absolutely hate when any little corner of their privilege is infringed, don't they?

4. I have a plan to start writing a little happy fluff fic everyday. Just to contribute something happy to fandom and maybe improve my mood. We'll see how that goes given my track record. I think I'll finish one of my little fics today--we'll just see if I'm brave enough to post something that silly.


Sep. 27th, 2009 02:11 pm
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Dear Trojan Ecstasy commercial,

I realize that you are mostly interested in selling your product to men, but putting the words "It feels like nothing's there!" in the mouth of your female actor was a mistake. We don't want to feel like nothing's there, I promise.

In other news, it is really pathetic how badly I have killed my arm just by playing Wii. I care barely move it today.
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Just read at fandom_wank concerning a SPN RPS wank: Why, oh why, does it always seem like the people who are most obsessed with the idea that their pairing HAS TO BE CANON or HAS TO BE TRUE IRL... are also the people who write the most OOC fiction?

Glad to know it's not just my fandom then.

BTW, thanks to everyone who offered to beta my fic. I found someone, but thank you so much if you offered. It is good to know I have a flist willing to help me. ♥ (Would do personal replies if I weren't studying for a test on Friday.)

ETA: I just made this icon and I'm kind of afraid to use it because it terrifies me.

I bet you casual Beatles fans on my flist thought Paul was the normal one, didn't you?
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Ask me about a pairing I have written (or haven't and you think I should write) and I will give you five facts about them or a ficlet or a song that is CLEARLY THEIR SONG.


Sep. 8th, 2009 04:00 pm
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In a review of some History Channel style documentary about the Roman Empire:

Didnt they at least have black an white photography or video when Rome was an empire?


And now back to translating Lucretius. Why is it whenever I start in on a new author, all the vocabulary I have leaned up to this point seems to be for naught?
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I am watching the news on and John Harwood (CNBC's chief Washington correspondent) just said "the exotic nature of his background" in reference to President Obama. And this is someone talking about Republicans unfairly attacking him, so not a hostile guy. Just someone who thinks this is an appropriate thing to say, a-fucking-pparently.

WTF, America.
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I am really not feeling great about the state of current music, so can anyone please rec me some songs released in the last year or so that don't suck?

Songs containing the following will be immediately disqualified:
Annoying whiny lead vocals delivered by petulant "pretty" boys/girls who don't bathe
Non-musical instrument noise played by people who clearly only know three chords
Shallow lyrics that only thirteen year olds could identify with
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Since the hype has died down to a low hum (thus no longer annoying me on a daily basis), I've started watching Merlin.

My thoughts so far (four episodes in) are, in short, it's enjoyable to watch but overrated. The writing is lame, but. Um. I don't know. The characters are pretty cute, if not very deep yet. It is also just as slashy as advertised.

It would be a much more enjoyable show, I think, if they'd stick to old fashioned film techniques instead of the blindingly ugly CGI... and if they just had made this an entirely original group of characters instead of naming a bunch of original characters after Arthurian ones.

Thoughts episode-by-episode. )
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So, fandom, tell me something.

Why is it that I see all these discussions/studies/articles/etc about why people like slash? Why don't we give people's fondness for het the same scrutiny? Yes, I have seen scrutiny about specific het pairings or mary sue/self inserts or shipping in general, but not this big curiosity about why people want to see fan fiction about two people of the opposite gender having The Sex (or The Cuddling for the PG-13 crowd). No psychological analysis about why "straight females" (since there is no other kind of person in the fandom, of course) like to write and read about male/female relationships.

Let's have the discussion now! What is it with those FREAKS* who like het?

*I am one of those freaks. Oh, please DO analyze me.


Aug. 5th, 2009 02:13 pm
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Dear Fandoms of all sorts,

It is entirely possible to have epic, intense, life-changing romance and still truly fall in love with someone else. Love is far more complex than you're giving it credit for.

- Me

Unrelatedly, I came across this astounding musician and felt the need to share. Watching her hands work is just mind-boggling.

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Both sides of the Christian Right vs. Homosexual issue want to bring up Gibbon (Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire) like crazy. I just read a New Testament commentary in which the author cites Gibbon's crap about 14 of 15 emperors being homo(actually bi)sexual and hiring a bunch of homo(actually bi)sexual generals and the army going to shit because of it or something. (As we know, homo(actually bi)sexual soldiers historically make a horrible army; ask the Spartans.) Yeah, cute. But he more vigorously accuses the Christians (and those hairy barbarians from the North) for the fall of the Empire--a point that many, many people on the other side like bringing up as though it were fact.

So, let me say it here: Gibbon is not a reliable source. Not when read in a vacuum and especially not for sociology or anything related to reasons for the decline of the Roman Empire. He had TOO many ulterior motives, including the one where he wanted history to fit into nice thematic boxes and the one where he was trying to make a point about his own time period.

If you DO want to quote Gibbon, read the entire text first. That should stop a majority of people quoting him, yeah?

I am so goddamn over people only dipping in to ancient history for weapons against those they despise.

I AM ACTUALLY IN KIND OF A GREAT MOOD, but of course I only post about things that piss me off. Woe.
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If you're in the mood for a ridiculous number of Beatles pics, I posted 150 some pics from their 1968 Mad Day Out shoot. They are so adorable. Here, have a taste:

Don't question their awesome. Just accept it.


1. Reply to this post with 'Icons!', and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will - allegedly - create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

My five picked by a_trill. )

Music Meme

Jul. 2nd, 2009 12:24 am
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Since I love music memes and uploading the random crap I have in my library...

1. Pick a number or two between 1 and 15,533.
2. I'll find the corresponding track in my iTunes library.
3. Said track will be uploaded for your listening pleasure.
4. There is no four.
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It is really stupid how much putting on early Beatles albums and singing along at the top of my lungs puts me in a better mood. Like, it can be the most serious thing wrong with me, and I will start giggling as soon as I hear George's voice in Do You Want To Know a Secret, and I will want to dance when I hear John's raspy version of Twist and Shout, and I will start bopping my head to the Paul-tasticness of I'll Follow the Sun. ALSO THERE ARE DRUMS, SO ILU TOO RINGO.

Yeah, I don't want to talk about what's upsetting me, I just want to enjoy some Beatles.


Jun. 18th, 2009 06:43 am
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Well, that was the worst dream I have had in a while. So much so that I want to document that it was awful. Blood and death and grieving and just the most awful feeling throughout. That pair of Converse left in the road. Eugh. And in the end a big glowing Shiva came to comfort me, which was, you know, awkward. With me being agnostic.

The things I dream about. I swear.

*Google News searches Dhani Harrison just to be sure everything's okay. Since I can't, y'know, call as I would the poor soul I had that kind of dream about if I knew him/her personally.*

a;lsdkjfasdf I need to go back to bed.
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