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So, I'm playing the Sims, and Travis electrocutes himself. The Grim Reaper comes around and says that his constant misfortune is too amusing for him to die, so he lets Travis live.

I had no idea that the Blake was the Grim Reaper, but it all makes sense somehow.

ETA: Now Travis and the Grim Reaper are giggling and gossiping together. What is this game.
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[personal profile] blockycurvature and I reached Power Point today. I think she's rather cross at me for having her watch this show now... Oops.

Cut for spoilers that blocky shouldn't read. )

We also watched Trial, which always kills me. Greif would've been so amazing in that episode. Why why why Croucher whyyy.
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I'm going to try to start using my Dreamwidth again so I can stay in contact with people who only crosspost to LJ. Derp derp.

I'm currently in Bainbridge, WA. Was in Seattle last night. Going back to Portland tomorrow for the next few days before I head home. It's been a nice trip. I got my hairs short, as I mentioned before. Rode a ferry for the first time. Wandered around downtown shopping and watching movies (Black Swan again, Tron, and The King's Speech).

On the various trains and ferries I've been on in the past couple days, I wrote 2.8k on that B7 fic. I'm starting to get fairly excited about it, although I worry it'll be a monster once I finish it.

I blew my friend's mind today by showing her a picture of Frazer Hines and Sally Knyvette on Emmerdale. Lol.
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I feel pretty physically crappy today due to a horrible lack of sleep. But this totally improved my day. MAYBE IT WILL IMPROVE YOURS.

ETA: Oh, also, I made some Johnny Weir icons. Click the image to see them.

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I've watched this video five thousand times, so I figured I'd share it with my friends list.

It's Johnny Weir and his bff Paris. In a bathtub. Johnny's wearing a wig and is donning a Russian accent to "interview" Paris. I think alcohol played a large role in the making of this video.

Sigh, I guess I'll put it under a cut. )

Also, I actually watched Johnny's short program from the Olympics despite not really liking figure skating. I also watched that other guy who got the gold. (I liked Johnny better.)
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So. I'm totally in love with Johnny Weir despite not caring much about his sport. I only saw him a few years back because my dad loves figure skating, and I just fell in love with the guy. And I have therefore been dealing with a lot of homophobia focused on him (his sexuality is private, but the bigotry directed at him is homophobic in nature) in the past couple weeks.

This video made me feel a lot better. That's Gay is generally a great segment on InfoMania but this was one of my favorites:

Okay, so even that doesn't make me feel better about David Letterman saying that Johnny "TESTED POSITIVE for Lady Gaga" but...

(Is it really that hard to consider your connotations before saying something on television? Really?)
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I have an overwhelming amount of work to do this weekend, so I did a time-consuming meme.

That logic works in my head.

Hot Celebrity Meme
1. Make a list of your fav 10 male & 10 female celebrities
2. Post one picture of each hottie and explain why you love them
3. Tag 5 people to do the same Other people do it if they want.

I'm going to admit, I hardly have any men in my list who are currently at the peak of their careers. I don't really like the aesthetic of most celebrity men these days, what can I say...

Women )

Men )

Honorable Mentions )
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So, yes. I bought the $10 desktop version of Write or Die. (Though I'm sure the online version works great as well, the desktop version is more convenient for me and has a few bells and whistles that I like.)

In 45 minutes, I wrote 2,500 words, just because that little timer kept me writing, and I didn't have the internet distracting me. And when my cat DID distract me, the screen started flashing red so I had to start back up immediately instead of being led on a path of distraction for longer than a minute.

Best $10 I have ever spent, seriously. I am so happy right now.
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This is in part just a random thing to do to avoid starting my Latin homework, and in part because I want to prove that I listen to SOME music recorded since 1979... Five six songs that I have listened to approximately five million times in the past month or two.

Embedded videos under the cut. )

Sooo, what have you been listening to? Share videos in the comments, you know you want to procrastinate from whatever it is you're supposed to be doing.
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I filtered my Graham/David fixation into a drawing:

click for full version
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It's a sunny day, one of the first we've had in Austin for a while, so of course I decided to take advantage of that.

By going outside and taking clearer pictures of the pictures in my Graham books. Don't judge me. (I need a scanner sob.)

Anyway, I'm going to share them. Because I'm kind of in love with Graham's partner David Sherlock to the extent that whenever I see the name "Sherlock" there is a heady moment where I think someone's talking about David... Yeah. So.

ONE OF THESE IS VERY MUCH NOT WORKSAFE. I'll leave it up to you to determine which one.

Graham Chapman and David Sherlock, this way... )
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Reading Callimachus aloud in the style of Michael Palin's Pontius Pilate is the best thing I ever thought of.
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So, I came down with a cold yesterday... though it started the day before apparently. I just thought I was overheated, but it was an actual fever. If anyone was wondering where I was on AIM last night, I'm just not social when I'm sick and drugged up.

And classes start tomorrow. Sob.

In other news, I did sleep last night with the aid of Nyquil, and I had an incredibly graphic dream about... drinking gin and tonic. And it was like. The best thing I had ever tasted, and I could not stop. Maybe I should step away from the Graham Chapman obsession while I'm still ahead.

Alas, that won't happen. Anyway, it's not rare for me to have a dream about drinking alcohol (I don't drink irl) and getting very attached to it right away. Just it's usually not a gin and tonic.

If I gave up Graham, I'd have to stop using this icon, and that is not feasible at the moment.

*wanders off to pass out again*
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Being obsessed with Graham as I currently am, I thought I'd share with you all a picspam.

If you missed the subject, YES, WE HAVE NUDITY. So probably you shouldn't look at this while a boss/professor/parent is perched on your shoulder.

56 Graham Chapmen pictures in half-assed somewhat sequential order. )


Dec. 11th, 2009 11:57 am
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There are very few things that, after sleeping only 4 hours and taking a final at 9am only to have to spend 3 hours studying for another final, I have enough give-a-shit about to get shaking angry.

Statements like this?: Warning: stupidity about rape within. )

Yeah. That'll fucking do it.


Oct. 31st, 2009 12:09 am
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I sent and saw thenewno2! And Heartless Bastards, yeah. I... kind of skipped out on the main event which was Wolfmother because I don't like bands people know.

Dhani was gorgeous. The band played great. The only downside was that they had quite a few technical issues and it was quite hard to hear Dhani singing over the instruments. It was lovely anyway.

Here, have some really blurry photos )
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In case anyone saw my earlier (now deleted) entry, I just wanted to say that posting as soon as you get up is a bad idea. Things even out when you have a chance to wake up and think. You stop kicking and screaming like a toddler because change is everso scary, and you accept it, and you realize it's better.

I got home today seconds before a hard rain began to fall, and I began to laugh.
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I read this and just needed to share it. These are three letters exchanged between Robert and his father when Robert was dabbling in Communism in prep school at age eight.

It is possibly the most British exchange I have ever read in my life.

My Dear Robbie )
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Okay, I'm not even cross-posting this to LJ because I don't want my entire friends list to hate me. I do not have a scanner but the pictures in Groovy Bob are so awesome I had to share some. So, I tried to make them look as nice as possible despite having taken these with my digital camera.

There are more that I might take later, but it's cloudy out, so I can't get enough light to take more right now.

We start, of course, with the amazingly British school photos. )
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So... how do you write a story about someone whose voice you do not know at all? I mean, not even textual quotes, just completely second hand stuff. Is it even possible? I am very dialogue-heavy so, I'm at a loss.

Speaking of which, I have found... at least two sources who describe Robert Fraser (the shirtless young man in my icon) as a "promiscuous" homosexual, and it's taken me a while to figure out why that was really bugging me. And I realized, ah!, with all the research I've done on the Beatles, I don't think that I've ever heard one of them described as promiscuous (much less a promiscuous heterosexual, as if that term would ever be used). I think Paul was playfully called "a bull about town" in reference to his knocking up women and paying them off (!!!) in one of the sources, but not promiscuous. No, I only hear that word about women and gays. Straight men are just being ~manly~ when they fuck around, right?

I feel like there is also some slut shaming language--is that the appropriate term concerning men?--toward Brian Epstein (also gay, for those of you who are new here) in a lot of the sources, and it's always kind of bugged me, considering... well it's in stark contrast to the language used in reference to the Beatles themselves and their exploits.

I don't know. I am feeling the urge to do some more in depth research into this to put together a cohesive argument. Just something to think about.

Other stuff is going well and badly, depending on which stuff. Classes are in the bad section, but I'm muddling my way through.
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